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Unleash your blade!


Welcome to the Swordsman Gameplay Update, where we’ll be covering the exciting and action packed remake of the Swordsman Class. With exciting new skills, mechanics and playstyle, the adventure begins anew for those who have played Swordsman before, or have been interested in the class but were held back by its poor design and gameplay. You’ll be able to choose between crushing your enemies with overwhelming force or assassinating them with perfect execution – the mind is the limit. This remake is very comprehensive, spanning everything from early leveling experience to late game Monster and Player combat, as well as item synergies and item revamps to enable you to play according to your desired playstyle. Whilst there will be the introduction of physical vs energy based swords, we will also include some balanced swords for those who wish to play everything. Without further delay, we present to you the Swordsman Update!.


Set your sword ablaze!

The focus of this remake is to allow the Swordsman class to embrace an identity correspondent to its’ intended playstyle. Whether you enjoy a swift assassin, a bloodthirsty brawler or an energy crusader, all options will now be open to you with the complete remake of all Swordsman’s skills, passives and traits to allow for smoother, more engaging and ultimately – a rewarding gameplay.


Perfect Execution

Through perfect execution of your attacks, gain increasing killing efficiency with each strike.
- Sword Attacks grant combo ranking, starting from F -> E -> D -> C -> B -> A -> S.
- Each rank increases Physical and Armour Penetration (%).
- Ranks are lost when taking skill damage and curses.


Shatter any enemy's spirit of defending by destroying their defences when low.
- Triggers when attacking targets lower than 40% Maximum Health with a sword attack skill.
- Reduces Physical and Energy Defence.


Sword Mastery

Through mastery of the blade, increase your focus and dexterity.
- Increases Focus and Dexterity.

Assassination Arts

Place all your concentration and efforts into unparalleled movement and critical strikes.
- Increases Physical Critical Rate and Movement Speed (%).

Divine Arts

Enhance your soul and use your sword to defend yourself from incoming strikes with superior defences.
- Increases Soul and Defence Rate.

Sage of Nature

Through long meditation and practice, your use of energy is much more natural and your ability to heal yourself far exceeds any regular master of the sword.
- Increases EP Efficiency (%) and Heal Over Time strength (%).


Way of the hunter!

Embrace your sword and hunt your targets, encouraging both yourself and your allies around you.
- Increases Movement Speed.
- Increases Lifesteal (Recover from damage dealt to enemies).

Spiritual Meditation

Gather your energy around you to heal yourself, entering a spiritual stance that absorbs energy from your surroundings.
- Heal over Time.

Instant Counter

Through intense concentration, you enter a stance which allows you to counter any attack, instantly slashing the enemy, knocking them down!
- Enter a defensive stance, becoming immune to all incoming skills.
- Once a skill is triggered and whilst the enemy is in range, instantly cut them down, knocking them over with overwhelming strength.

Unleashed Blade

By focusing all your energy into your sword, you awaken its full killing capabilities, at the cost of normal Ki control.
- Enter Rage Status, increasing Attack, Movement and Animation Speed.
- Increases Physical and Energy Attack.

Physical Attacks

Cross Slash

Dash to your enemies and unleash a powerful set of slashes.
- Deals Physical Damage (Bonus when attacking from behind).
- Gap closer.
- Castable during Rage status.

Dragon Raid

Focus your energy at the tip of your blade, and through one swift motion, stab through any target in your path with unmatched speed.
- Deals Physical Damage.
- Inflicts Physical Bleed.
- This skill has no cooldown.

Raging waves

Unleash a volley of intense slashes in your target's general direction in rapid succession, dealing damage and shredding their abilities.
- Deals Physical Damage.
- Reduces the target's properties.
- This skill has no cooldown and can be repeatedly cast in quick succession.
- This skill can only be casted whilst in Rage State.

Shadow Rush

Instantly vanish, slashing all nearby targets, leaving nothing but a shadow behind!
- Deals Physical Damage (Bonus Damage from Behind).
- Deals Bonus Damage to lower health targets.

Energy Attacks

Energy Wave

Gather your spiritual energy into your blade, unleashing a powerful long range slash wave.
- Deals Energy Damage (Critical Damage Modifier Active).

Heavens Fall

Charge up and take to the sky, raining down a storm of swords.
- Deals Energy Damage (Critical Damage Modifier Active).
- Roots nearby targets.
- Castable during Rage status.

Energy Storm

Charge your energy and soar into the sky, unleashing wave after wave of condensed energy from your sword, dealing immense damage and skill locking the target.
- Deals Energy Damage (Critical Damage Modifier Active).
- Skill lock.

Heavens Smite

Empower your sword with spiritual energy from the surroundings, embracing it in intense aura, then slash all who oppose you with devastating results!
- Deals Area of Effect Energy Damage (Critical Damage Modifier Active).
- Burns the targets.
- Castable during Rage Status.

Class Item

Smoke Bomb

Use a carefully crafted smoke bomb to obscure your surroundings, granting you temporary invisibility! Due to the nature of the toxic fumes, there's a long cooldown before next use.
- Temporary Invisibility.
- Long Cooldown.


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