A rich MMORPG experience, create your own character and dive into the world of Dragon Ball! Explore the landscape, visit ancient monuments left by heroes, travel through time and stop the Time Breakers from destroying time itself!

Dragon Ball Online Kai



The original inhabitants of Earth. Prior to Dragon Ball Z’s end, few humans had control over ki and were utterly defenseless against the many threats their planet had faced in the past. They have since then mixed with the Saiyan race in order to combat the upcoming threats.

This changed after Groundbreaking Science was published, which introduced the world to the study of ki manipulation and fighting. Also, with the publishing of Groundbreaking Science came not only the revival of Master Roshi’s Turtle School and Master Shen’s Crane School, but the new Kikoukenjutsu Sword School as well.

Earthlings are currently divided among two mainstream careers: martial artists and spiritualists; and live in areas that pertain to their jobs. All playable humans have Saiyan genes via Goku and Vegeta’s descendants. When reaching the required level of skill, Humans may undergo the Super Saiyan transformation if they wish for it. Unlike the other race-only transformations, Super Saiyans do not obtain Transformation-only techniques, however the skills that they have learned in base form are still accessible.

Martial Artist

Warriors that specialize primarily in martial arts rather than utilizing their ki. Being a primarily melee class, Martial Artists generally focus on delivering damage within short range of their opponents. Wolf Fang Fist, Rock, Scissors ‘N’ Paper, Concentrated Kamehameha, Energy Barrage are in the Martial Artist skill tree. Once reaching the required level, a Martial Artist may choose to take on one the succeeding master classes: Fighter or Sword Master.


Mystics that specialize in spiritual, ki-based techniques and psychic abilities. Krillin’s Destructo Disc, Kamehameha, and Yamcha’s Spirit Ball are in the Spiritualist skill tree. Once reaching the required level, a Spiritualist may choose one of two master classes: Turtle Hermit or Crane Hermit.


A race created by Majin Buu. Majin Buu reproduced by splitting off pieces of himself and his wife, and breathing life into him along with bits of his ki.

They were vastly weaker than any of the versions of Boo that came before, but transforming into their The Pure Majin state allows them to reclaim the full power of the original.

They have access to the Planet Burst and Genocide Blast, two energy attacks with long range and short cool-down periods and the appearance of a Pure Majin is similar to those of Kid Buu. Contrary to early belief, the body type of a Majin is not determined by class, but rather by gender, with males having a large, fat body like Majin Buu and with females having a thin and more slender body like Kid Buu.

Wonder Majin

These mystics are the core of Majin caste’s spiritual class. Techniques used by Wonder Majins that have appeared previously in official media are Kid Buu’s “Imitation” Kamehameha and Vanishing Ball, along with the Super Vanishing Ball variation; Super Buu’s Galactic Donut and Human Extinction Attack. Their master classes are the masked Karma Majins and the orbitar using Plasma Majins.

Mighty Majin

Mighty Majins buffs pertain solely to defensive and have a balanced number of spiritual and physical attack, some with long range.

These Majins have healing abilities that restore life-points and cure player effects. When they reach the required level, they may obtain the Ultimate Majin or Grand Chef Majin master class; Ultimate Majins use musical instruments, while Grand Chef Majins use clubs and food.


After their second home planet (New Namek) was destroyed by Mira sometime after the end of Dragon Ball Z, Namekians migrated to Earth.

Namekians are reported to live in deserted areas where they still live by their Namekian heritage; raising powerful warriors (Warrior, Dark Warrior, Shadow Knight), summoners (Poko Priest), and healers (Dende Priest). Once reaching the required level, Namekians may obtain and undergo a transformation similar to the Giant Form; known as Great Namek in the game. During the Great Namek transformation, a Namekian will grow in size; this causes their speed to decrease drastically, but are reported to have high defense during this transformation.

A majority of the skill tree becomes unusable during the duration of the transformation, however transformation-exclusive skills can be learned that deliver high “area-of-effect” damage.

Dragon Clan

Members of the Namekian support caste which have abilities that pertain to magic, passed down from Kami. Dragon Clan is noted to be the only core class that requires the player to have a weapon (Staff) equipped.

Antenna Beam, Energy Cannon, Energy Bullets, Super Energy Bullets, among various healing buffs are part of the Dragon Clan skill tree.

Once reaching the required level of skill, a Dragon Clan can choose one of two secondary careers: Dende Priest, a master class with more powerful healing abilities, or Poko Priest, a master class that grants them summoning abilities to bring forth monsters that do their bidding, similar to King Piccolo.

Warrior-type Namekian

Members of the Namekian warrior caste, such as Piccolo.

Warriors balance weak, long-raged spiritual attacks and average physical attacks, but in later levels (through acquiring a master class), they may learn more powerful skills.

The Warrior class and its master classes excel in high defense.

Piccolo’s Masenko, Charged Masenko, Special Beam Cannon, Mystic Attack, Mouth Energy Wave are a part of the Warrior skill tree.

Warriors are balanced with decent strength, stuns and long-range energy attacks.

Once reaching the required level of skill, a Warrior may choose to become axe-wielding Shadow Knight or a Dark Warrior which fights equipped with claw weapons.

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