A rich MMORPG experience, create your own character and dive into the world of Dragon Ball! Explore the landscape, visit ancient monuments left by heroes, travel through time and stop the Time Breakers from destroying time itself!

Dragon Ball Online Kai

DBO Kai Official Release Patch 3.6

General Settings

Login Screen Changed – Winter DBOKai.
New Login Theme.
Updated BGMs (Winter Theme).
Channels available: Ch0-6 (Capacity at 200, same as Open Beta).
EXP and Zeni Boost: At +50%, +100% in weekends.
Item Drop Rate Bonus: +25% (50% chance for a monster to drop an item).
Patch Frequency: Patches will typically be every 2-3 weeks.
Cosmetic Frequency: Cosmetics will typically be added every 4-6 weeks.
Upgrade Stone Drop Rate – Reduced significantly.
Upgrade Rate – Reduced significantly. (Reason Detailed in the new system for Items).
Monster Respawn Timer – Set at 45 seconds.

World changes

Christmas Korin, Kokkara, Snail Village, Beh Village and West City applied.

Fixed issue regarding Papaya’s missing BGM.

Gain titles as you level up! (Every 10 levels). Titles available include:

  • Beginner (Level 1)
  • Bright Youth (Level 10)
  • Reckless Adventurer (Level 20)
  • Emerging Warrior (Level 30)
  • Monster Slayer (Level 40)
  • Tenacious Fighter (Level 50)
  • Prodigal Scholar (Level 60)
  • Unbreakable Will (Level 70)
  • BONUS: Glorious Crusader (Event; Top 4 to reach Level 70).
Quest changes

Masterclass items now instantly teleport you to the next NPC. (Removing long travel).

Adult Quest – Korin Fight difficulty increased, now instantly learn to fly as soon as you become an adult and gain an Ultra Divine Water Pot for use (Default Character Growth is set at 100%).

Flight Quest disabled.


UD bosses have a chance to spawn a Treasure Chest containing cosmetic and cash shop rewards (Random).

TMQ1 – TMQ7 levels changed to 7 level intervals (25/32/39/46/53/60/67) with updated equipment.

TLQ 1 – 3 – Gain 30% movement speed whilst in TLQ 1 – 3.

Dungeons and TMQs no longer spawn Cash Shop items upon completion.

TMQs now give Bronze/Silver/Golden/Platinum Gift Box upon completion, depending on the time taken to complete the dungeon. These stats will be posted under the TMQ page on the website. Gift Boxes contain different quality random cash shop items.

BID Sigil Merchants will now be available outside the BID.

UD6: Sub Weapon Drop rate lowered, more items available for drop.


Dojo War: Kills now grant 1 Dojo Point in order to speed up the process. If a Guild is above another by 250 Points, the Dojo War is immediately ended and the winner is crowned.

Ranked Battle: MMR System will be disabled briefly to allow additions for automated Seasonal Battle rewards.

Budokai Tenkaichi: Frequency of Budokai will remain twice a week for solo, and once a week for Party.

Duels: Upon entering a duel, both players will not be able to cast any skills for 5 seconds as a Countdown, to prepare both players for the fight.

PvP Events: Events such as Free For All will no longer function via time-period and WMAT registration format. You can directly sign up for them under the Event Tab in the Ranked Battle Machine. Depending on the event signed up for, a certain number of people need to be signed in order to progress. More PvP events such as Base Defence (Similar to CS:GO), Capture The Flag and 5v5 Battlefield (Similar to MOBAs) will be added in Patches 4 and up. PvP Events will return in Patch 4.

PvE Events: Pirate Event and Fairy Event will now be disabled. Winter and New Year’s Event will begin.


Visual Gameplay Update – The following skills have received a graphic update, some small whilst others are a complete rework of the entire skill:

  • Warrior
    • Draconic Defence -> Heroic Sacrifice – Taunts all targets around you and forms a protective wall that defends all allies behind you, granting them 95% damage reduction. This skill only lasts 3/4/5/6 seconds.
  • Fighter
    • Storm Strike – Hold your stick and spin around yourself furiously, creating a storm and dealing physical damage to all targets surrounding you. This skill no longer grants Invincibility.
    • Repel – Spin your stick in front of you intensely, blocking all incoming attacks, granting you and your nearby allies brief invincibility.
  • Swordsman
    • Flash Slash -> Dragon Raid – Point your blade and instantly stab through your target, dealing significant State Damage and inflicting a short bleed.
    • Ghost Step -> True Counter – Take up a defensive stance and get ready to instantly counter any attack directly aimed at you.
    • Gravity Break -> Smite – Charge your blade and slash infront of you, dealing significant Energy Damage to all targets ahead.
    • Focused Gravity Break -> Holy Smite – Charge your blade to the limit, take to the air and devastate all enemies in front of you with a majestic swipe. This skill inflicts massive Energy Damage and temporarily skill locks the target.
  • Dark Warrior
    • Dragon Dive – Leap into the sky, landing on your enemy and dealing a powerful shockwave that stuns all nearby targets.
  • Grand Chef
    • Ruminate -> Blow – Grand Chef blows onto their thumb, filling their damaged bodies and recovering their strength, as well as removing all negative status effects.

New Skills – Poko Priest’s new Dragon God pet:

  • Poko Priest – Dragon God Summon
    • Fearful Roar – AoE Fear
    • Light Grenade – Single Person Blast
    • Eye Beam – Single Person Blast
    • Summon Undead – Skeletal Dragon

Action Skills – Emotes and Dances are now added. These will be available via Founder Packs or Cash Shop in-game! Current Emotes and Dances:

  • Victory Dab! – Emote
  • Finish Sign! – Emote
  • Come on! – Emote
  • Basic Dance – Dance
Updated Cash Shop

Cash shop now changed to have the following tabs:

  • All Items
  • Action Skills
  • Utility Items (Boxes, Dogi Balls, Seal Coins)
  • Cosmetics
  • Gift Boxes
  • Support Items (Pet items, Z32s)
  • Vehicles
  • Wagu Coin
  • Wagu Machine
  • Event Machine

Content will be available inside each tab.

Updated Token Shop

Updated Token Shop

Monster Changes

Monsters are empowered, dealing 25% bonus damage and take 25% less damage (Explanation in Item Changes).

Character Changes

Traits and Skills will remain as last updated.

Character stats will function as last updated.

Balance Patches will come every 2 weeks.

Cosmetic Changes

New – Riding Vehicles is now updated to allow for better vehicles to be used, such as Riding Hoverboards/Monsters/Dragons and such.

New – Cosmetic patches will be more frequent, every 4 weeks.

Cosmetics will be more readily available via Wagu and Event Machine!

Cosmetic Changes

New – Ultra Divine Water: Usable after level 30. Ultra Divine Water has mysterious effects, which can either enhance or poison the consumer. Upon consumption, your character’s size will be permanently changed (up to + or – 20%), gaining different stats depending on character’s size. This item will be available through Adult Quest and Level 70 Gift Box reward. Default Character Size is set at 100%.

New – Emote Scrolls: Usable at all levels. Study the scroll to learn a new Action Skill (Emote). This item is strictly available in Wagu Machines/Cash Shop.

New – Dance Scrolls: Usable at all levels. Study the scroll to learn a new Action Skill (Dance). This item is strictly available in Wagu Machines/Cash Shop.

New – Summoning Scrolls: Usable at all levels. Use the scroll to summon a hero from the past to fight with you. This item is strictly available in Wagu Machines/Cash Shop/Events.

New – Hoverboards: Replacing the old bike system, Hoverboards will be available from Level 2 through Gift Box and purchasable through Vehicle Merchants.

New – PvP Equipment: Mudosa/WMAT equipment will now grant specialised PvP statistics. Armors will grant 10% Player Damage Reduction each piece (Mudosa)/15% Player Damage Reduction each piece (WMAT). Weapons will grant 10% Bonus Player Damage each piece (Mudosa)/15% Bonus Player Damage each piece (WMAT).  The bonus damage and damage reduction only applies on players.

New – PvE Equipment: Normal drops do not grant any bonus stats. Craft armors grant 5% Monster Damage Reduction each piece, whilst TMQ/UD grants 8% Monster Damage Reduction each piece and CCBD grants 10% Monster Damage Reduction each piece (Accessories not included). Craft weapons grant 1% Damage Dealt to HP each piece and 5% Bonus Damage to Monsters, TMQ/UD weapons granting 2% Damage Dealt to HP each piece and 10% Bonus Damage to Monsters, CCBD weapons granting 3% Damage Dealt to HP each piece and 15% Bonus Damage to Monsters.

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